Kirsten, 25, actress & occasional writer. Asexual, Native American. I have depression, an anxiety disorder, ADD, and a non-epileptic seizure disorder. My pronouns are she/her/herself. Skype available upon request, if I'm comfortable with you. NEXT

Lookin cute as heck nbd.

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Jacob bought me a leather bound Tolkien dictionary!

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i like how a few weeks ago i was like “I cannot handle anyone who ships one of the teens with oen of the adults”

and now I’m like 

carefully avoiding looking at lydia and parrish 

i am a hypocrite and a horrible person

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aceavengers replied to your post: do you ever make some wild guess about…

still think he’s the benefactor and i will not let this go until im proven right or wrong. im a terrier.


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do you ever make some wild guess about some shit in a TV show and you’re like “Lol this is probably not true” and then they release a promo and you go “HOLY SHIT WAS I RIGHT?” because i’m not saying Parrish is a phoenix but that’s exactly what i’m saying

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So here’s the thing.

I need oral surgery, badly. I have needed it for years, but in the past six months, the teeth have just gotten worse, and the pain is worse and more frequent.

The estimate for the cost of all services to be rendered is over two thousand 4600 dollars, even with the insurance plan I was able to purchase last year. We don’t have a lot of money, and things keep happening. My mom just had major surgery a month ago. She can’t even sleep in her bed yet, she’s having to sleep in a recliner, and that’s costing us, too.

Long story short, I need surgery badly and I could really use some help. I never wanted to make this post, but I’m pretty desperate. 

If you can, please consider sparing a few dollars. I have a donation button on my blog, or you can donate here. Signal boosts are always appreciated.

I hate, hate, hate asking for this. But I’m desperate, and we can’t afford gas or haircuts. Even just a few dollars or a signal boost would be so, so appreciated.

frostfangs wondered:
god I hate that. I hate that they made you feel this way. whenever I go to the blog of someone who made a donation post it's always full of people telling them they're trash for asking for money because "why do you have internet if you're so poor huuuh???" and it's just so awful. these people have no idea what it's like and I don't think they care about people asking for money unjustly, I just think they like shitting on people and those asks are really more about them than they are about you

yeah, tbh i kind of should have anticipated this

ughhh i’m just gonna go rewatch teen wolf or something

isthisevenrelevant wondered:
What the fuck is wrong with people who try to put down someone who is asking for help? Have they never been in a bad place? Never relied on others? I can vouch for dental clinics too, and I wish the best to you and your mom. Here hoping that the hard times pass soon.

thank you. hate anons have never really bothered me before but those really


 thank you

frostfangs wondered:
nooo friend, it's great that you made that post and you are not a bad person for asking for money. I can't imagine how you must feel about all that but I can really empathize with your teeth situation and if I were in your place I'd do the same. don't let anyone tell you asking for donations is not okay. you're not forcing anyone to give you money, you're just being honest about your situation and if someone doesn't feel like it's that urgent enough then they don't have to donate.

thank you. i’m just.

my mood took a nosedive. i was being so productive earlier today and then i saw those messages and